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FAQ: Working With Pangea

Do you offer tiered discounts?

We do! Pangea Prime automatically scales your pricing as your volume increases.

Can we lock in discount pricing up-front?

Yes. For customers who want to take advantage of tiered discounts, Pangea offers up-front discounts for an up-front payment of the first tier that automatically locks you into the next tier price from the beginning.

What are the different tiers Pangea offers?

Pangea's lowest tier is the startup package consisting of 50 basis points per hedge and 1% annualized. The lowest pricing for businesses hedging upwards of 1 Billion USD equivalent per year can enjoy pricing as five basis points per hedge and 25 basis points annualized.

How does the annualized hold fee work?

Based on your tiered price, annualized hold fee and then prorate the fee based on the number of days a hedge is held. Hold fees are invoiced once a month. (Annualized Fee / 365 * # of Days Held).

How does the per hedge fee work?

When you enter a hedge, we use stripe to draft your account our per-hedge fee at the execution time. Customers doing over 10 Million USD equivalent per year have the option to be invoiced monthly for all hedges.

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