Save time and money

Leverage an always-on hedging strategy. Reduce operational and transactional costs with automation and optimization features.

Multiply Resources

Get peace of mind that your company is protected from FX volatility. Scale your business, not your headcount. Hire less and multiply the productivity of those you have.

Reduce FX volatility

Protect profits and scale your company globally. Our Ai helps you hedge with a level of sophistication like never before.

Hedging is hard. FX volatility is real.
To compete at the global scale, you need a simple, seamless hedging solution.

Without a hedging strategy, FX risk negatively impacts every part of your startup:


Supply chain




Cost of Goods Sold

You deserve a simple, seamless way to manage your risk and protect your business. Pangea can help.

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Predictable, Simplified FX Management Powered by Ai

Intelligent Ai monitors currency markets 24 hours a day  and uses decades of data to analyze how currencies may impact your P&L.

We understand how challenging hedging is. And we know how frustrating it is to be at the mercy of an unpredictable global market

We knew that with the power of tech and Ai, we could develop a better solution. And so we did. Welcome to Pangea
Deep industry expertise with over 30 years in the financial industry
World class technology that's not at risk for human error
Regulated by the Commodities Futures Trading Commission and the NFA
A Dedicated Client Trading Advisor will guide them through the process
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Usually, implementing a hedging strategy is COMPLICATED

But with Pangea, it's simple and can take less than two weeks. Don't risk startup failure or your sanity.
Let Pangea's custom-tailored, Ai-based solution seamlessly manage all of your startup FX risk.

Analyze your risk exposure

We’ll conduct a thorough analysis of your FX exposure so you know exactly where you stand.

Develop a custom hedging strategy

Develop a hedging strategy that will minimize your risk and optimize your upside.

Let Pangea's platform start hedging for you

Our automated platform does all the heavy lifting to execute on your strategy, saving you time and stress.

The existing hedging options simply aren't built for startups.

Let Pangea simplify your hedging strategy and give your startup the stability you need to succeed.
Hedging FX risk yourself requires extensive knowledge and expertise that startup teams commonly lack
Consulting firms take up to 18 months to implement
Big banks struggle to act as fast as the market changes and charge huge fees
Other firms rely on humans who are subject to human error

Pangea can help reduce your startup's FX risk
(without all the headache)

Understand the actual risk to your P&L

Our intuitive platform gives you visibility into the true risk you face.  We'll then tailor a hedging strategy to manage that risk automatically.

Lock in international salaries

Ensure global employees are paid a consistent salary in their local currency while the protecting the employer's payroll from fluctuations.

Get ongoing guidance from our team of experts

Your FX risk will change as you grow. Our Client Hedging Advisors (CHAs) will work with you to ensure your strategy scales as you do.

Our pricing model is simple.
No setup fee, no monthly fee, no hidden fees.

Only pay for what you use
No Setup Fees
No Monthly Maintenance Fees
No Annual Fees
No Hidden Fees
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Managing FX risk is complex and stressful.
Not anymore.

With the power of Pangea you’ll get predictable revenue, protect your margins, and increase your ability to compete in the global market.