Full Stack FX Infrastructure
for Borderless Businesses

Simplify FX management. Unlock new revenue opportunities and manage FX programmatically with the Pangea API.

FX Reinvented for a Digital Age: Automated Active FX Management

Pangea is reinventing FX to be unified, embeddable, and digital. Our FX solutions are crafted for the digital era, purpose-built for modern risk stacks, and seamlessly embeddable into treasuries and digital products with an elegant API.

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Prime™ API

Programmatic End-to-End FX Management

The Prime API facilitates seamless access to our AI-driven capital market infrastructure, delivering not only enhanced versions of services traditionally offered by brokers but also pioneering innovations specifically designed for the evolving demands of digital global companies. With this platform, global FX requirements can be met in one comprehensive, future-oriented space.
Pangea Prime™

AI-Powered FX Hedging Software

Pangea Prime™ simplifies and accelerates the entire FX hedging process from risk discovery to execution using the power of AI. Our Ai's intelligent automation renders currency concerns virtually invisible, freeing your business to concentrate on core operations that lead to growth.
FX Core Services

Trade FX, Store Currency, & Deliver Payments

Access core FX services through our API or UI, managing global liquidity with smart electronic trading powered by AI. Utilize multi-currency accounts with dedicated IBANs for seamless transactions worldwide. Settle in cash, deliver payments instantly, or schedule single or recurring payments around the globe.

Transparent Pricing

FX is no longer just a cost with Pangea. We eliminate antagonistic markets and toxic flow by aligning interests - Pangea and clients profit together. Our pricing is dynamic and programmatic, accommodating and scaling with your business as you grow.

Coming Soon

Pangea Prime stands as the leading edge of our FX management software solutions, yet it's just the beginning. Delve into our upcoming releases that push embeddable FX beyond conventional limits and unveil a transformative innovation: Market Making as a Service.
Beta Available 2024


With Pangea Ultima, your company can unlock new revenue opportunities through embedded FX. Build and monetize new and innovative FX services into your product’s own ecosystem for your own platform users and customers.
Coming 2025


Pangea Nexus introduces a groundbreaking approach by decentralizing FX market making, enabling global participants to access liquidity and directly trade with anyone, anywhere, across a unified network.

Frequently Asked Questions

In which countries do you offer services, which currencies can you handle, and what type of transactions do you support?

All major currencies are supported. Most minor and exotic currencies are supported, though not all. With Pangea, you can send or receive over 170+ currencies in 200 countries at unbelievably low rates, and use our Ai-powered hedging tool to hedge over 30+ currencies covering the US top trading partners.  

What is the process for integrating Pangea's FX services into our existing financial systems?

Integrating Pangea's FX services into your financial system is a streamlined and efficient process, achievable in under a month.
We do this through four straightforward steps:

1. Discovery Call: We begin by assessing the alignment between your needs and our solutions during a discovery call. This ensures we fully grasp your use-case. Given Pangea's technology's high adaptability, we're confident in our ability to craft solutions where others might not succeed.
2. FX Architecture Planning: Next, our FX Solutions Architects engage with you to delve into your specific challenges. Together, we'll devise a tailored technology and financial strategy to address these issues. This phase is efficient, ranging from a single day to a maximum of one month.
3. Onboarding & Integration: We simultaneously begin onboarding and, if relevant, technology integration. This phase encompasses signing of commercial and service agreements, alongside compliance steps like KYB and AML. For API users, we also grant sandbox access, set up a collaborative communication channel (e.g., Slack), and start the technical integration.
4. Launch: Begin leveraging Pangea for your FX transfers and/or hedging needs. Our Advisors will support you throughout this journey, ensuring a smooth transition and effective use of our services.

How are your fees structured for currency exchanges, and how competitive are your exchange rates?

At its core, FX pricing is influenced by two major inputs: The interbank rate and the FX markup.
(1) The Interbank Rate: The foundation of FX pricing, reflecting the market's valuation of currencies based on liquidity and volatility.
(2) The FX Markup: An additional fee over the Interbank rate, varying based on your transaction volume, credit risk, and the complexity of your operations.

However, traditional brokers often obfuscate these costs. Not at Pangea. Pangea's Pricing Stands Apart for four major reasons: Transparency, Consistency, Flexibility, and Strategic Execution.

How Pangea's Pricing Stands Apart Transparent, Consistent, Strategic, Flexible
- Transparent: We're not just another FX provider; as a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA), transparency is in our DNA. We openly display our acquisition rates and markups, ensuring you're fully informed every step of the way.
- Consistent: Our markup remains stable unless your business needs evolve. Experience pricing that adapts to your growth, rewarding your success with even more favorable rates.
- Flexible: Benefit from our range of pricing features tailored to your needs, including Guaranteed Rates, Blended Rates, and bespoke AI-powered hedging programs.
- Strategic: We utilize AI, quantitative engineering, and industry best practices to save on the largest cost components of your FX transactions, global interbank liquidity driving core pricing. Our consistent and transparent markup means the savings are always passed on to you.

Discover the Pangea Advantage: Our approach to FX pricing isn't just different; it's designed with your success in mind. From transparent costs to innovative solutions that grow with you, Pangea FX is your partner in navigating the complexities of the global currency market.