Payroll Without Borders: Your Global Payroll Integration Tool to Success

Leverage Ai to solve the most common FX risk challenges all international payroll teams face. Explore our solution to simplify multi-country payroll processes, with a focus on efficient currency management.
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Reduce FX Risk

Proactively safeguard your company against adverse currency rate fluctuations. This ensures that the value of all compensation to your international employees remains stable, reducing financial uncertainty for both your business and employees.

Schedule Transfers at Any Time, Any Day

Relieve your payroll administrators from the burden of manual exchange processes and allow for strategic, Ai-powered planning, which ensures that currency conversions occur at the most advantageous moments. By basing this information on historical and real-time exchange data, our tool optimizes for effective resource allocation.

Global Payroll Integration

Pangea’s API-first platform seamlessly integrates with HR, ERP, and payment systems, streamlining the payroll process, which saves your team valuable time and resources.

FX Volatility Due to FX Fluctuations Plagues Every Global Payroll Team

The FX rate you project at the beginning of the month changes by the time you deliver international payroll due to FX fluctuations. This creates a host of problems for payroll administrators:
  • You carry an uncapped loss center every payroll period on your payroll liability.
  • You become responsible for losses and delays, which can impact employee satisfaction if there are delays or discrepancies in payroll processing.
  • FX gains are discounted as non-income if you win, so you may lose out on potential financial benefits that can enhance your company’s profitability.
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Why Pangea?
We do FX better, faster, and cheaper.
Ai-Powered Technology. Our intuitive Ai keeps up with the speed of current markets while automatically executing hedges on your behalf at the best times.
High-Scale Automation. Spend less time crunching numbers in Excel and more time making data-driven risk management decisions.
Unprecedented Customer Service. Our team of Client Hedging Advisors will work with you to create a custom FX strategy for your business.
Revolutionary Pricing. Our pricing is simple and transparent, and scales to benefit your business the more you move through our platform.
Worldwide Currency Access. With Pangea, you can hedge the US Dollar against 30 of the most liquid currencies in the world.
Virtually Immediate Implementation. Speedy and efficient implementation will get a motivated team onboarded and live within two weeks.

Foreign Currency Hedging Made Easy

We've redefined the FX management space by combining powerful Ai, beautiful user-experience design, and unparalleled customer service.
  • Pangea enables you to seamlessly hedge your monthly corporate FX payment invoice risk from one single, simple, and powerful platform.
  • Manage an FX cash-flow through it's entire life-cycle from inception, to settlement, to delivery.
  • Get unprecedented insight into the risk on your global financial operations with advanced, real-time analytics.
  • Pangea Prime offers multiple capabilities without adding headcount.

Unmatched Ai Technology

Our Ai and quantitative engine were designed to help your organization succeed at scale. We replace outdated solutions you would otherwise need to hedge your risk effectively.
  • Our Ai outperforms even the best FX teams
  • Accomplish in minutes what used to take days
  • Scales your capabilities, with no additional headcount
  • Pangea’s Ai is on 24/7, unbiased, constantly learning, and makes decisions on thousands of data point in microseconds

The Only FX Platform You'll Need

Pangea Prime is the first FX risk management solution to bring together technology, automation, and Ai to manage every aspect of the hedging process in one single platform.
  • Beautiful, intuitive user experience makes the complex simple.
  • Integrates with leading HR, ERP, and Payment systems.
  • Integrate Pangea into your tech stack with our world-class API.
  • Offers more comprehensive currency coverage than AirWallex and Currencycloud combined.

Revolutionary Pricing

Pangea approaches pricing in an entirely new way. Leveraging technology and smart execution enables our pricing to be orders of magnitude cheaper than traditional routes.
  • We optimize the bid-ask spread through smart-execution and global liquidity monitoring.
  • Our liquidity providers give Pangea clients preferential pricing otherwise unattainable at their size.
  • No upfront or SaaS subscription fees. Our pricing is simple, fair, and transparent without long-term contracts.
UAE Dirham
Australian Dollar
Brazilian Real
Canadian Dollar
Swiss Franc
Chinese Yuan (Renminbi)
Czech Republic Koruna
Danish Krone
European Euro
Great British Pound
Hong Kong Dollar
Hungarian Forint
Indonesian Rupiah
Israeli New Shekel
Indian Rupee
Japanese Yen
Kenyan Shilling
South Korean Won
Mexican Peso
Malaysian Ringgit
Norwegian Krone
New Zealand Dollar
Philippine Peso
Poland Zloty
Saudi Riyal
Swedish Krona
Singapore Dollar
Thai Baht
Turkish Lira
Taiwan Dollar
US Dollar
South African Rand

Currencies We Hedge

But with Pangea, it's simple and can take less than two weeks.


The number of countries you can send money to through Pangea's platform.

8 Hours

Hours you will sleep each night knowing Pangea is working for you.

5 Minutes

Average time it takes to place a hedge from risk analysis to execution.

30 Seconds

Average time it takes to move money between wallets or make a payment.


Lock-In Global Expenses

Ensure international staff are paid consistently in their local currency while protecting the employer's payroll from fluctuations.

Reduce FX Risk with Ai

Hedging against FX risk doesn't have to be such a headache. Let Pangea simplify your hedging strategy and save you time, money and stress.

Ongoing Expert Support

Your FX risk will change as you grow. Our Client Hedging Advisors (CHAs) will work with you to ensure your strategy scales as you do.

Our pricing model is simple.
No setup fee, no monthly fee, no hidden fees.

Only pay for what you use
No Setup Fees
No Monthly Maintenance Fees
No Annual Subscription
No Hidden Fees
See Our Pricing

Managing FX risk is complex and stressful. But it doesn’t have to be.

With the power of Pangea you’ll get predictable revenue, protect your margins, and increase your ability to compete in the global market. Deploy tech that grows alongside your nonprofit.