Multiply Your Nonprofit’s Impact By Making the Most of Every Dollar You Receive

Don’t let fluctuating foreign currency exchange rates or outdated technology disrupt your nonprofit’s mission. Integrate Pangea's platform to easily store, send, receive, and hedge foreign currency from one virtual platform to maximize your nonprofit’s donation dollars.
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Easily Automate Moving Money Globally

Our nonprofit clients save up to 80% on total FX costs and up to 6% on international money transfer fees compared to banks.

Store Multiple Currencies Virtually

With our FX Smart Wallets, you can store multiple foreign currencies virtually from one platform, with direct payments to 200+ countries. Multiply your impact by shifting money where you need it.

Hedge Against FX Risk Using Ai

Predict and manage future transaction risk with Ai, with automated execution, transparent reporting, and quantitative risk analysis.

Unpredictable FX Rates, Outdated Technology, and Overpriced Bank Fees Are Silently Inhibiting Your Nonprofits Impact.

If your nonprofit needs to send or receive money to/from another country, these three factors can significantly decrease the actual amount of money being used towards your work. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

With Pangea, your business can move money globally to/from 200+ countries and save up to 6% compared to banks. Store foreign currency in our multi-currency wallets, and hedge your FX risk with our unparalleled Ai system. Do it all from one beautiful, easy-to-use cloud-based platform that can integrate with your existing tech stack.
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Hedging is hard. FX volatility is real.
To compete at the global scale, you need a simple, seamless hedging solution.

Without a hedging strategy, FX risk negatively impacts every part of your nonprofit:

International Payroll

Program Expenses

Donation Revenue

Why Pangea?
We do FX better, faster, and cheaper.
Ai-Powered Technology. Our intuitive Ai keeps up with the speed of current markets while automatically executing hedges on your behalf at the best times.
High-Scale Automation. Spend less time crunching numbers in Excel and more time making data-driven risk management decisions.
Unprecedented Customer Service. Our team of Client Hedging Advisors will work with you to create a custom FX strategy for your business.
Revolutionary Pricing. Our pricing is simple and transparent, and scales to benefit your business the more you move through our platform.
Worldwide Currency Access. With Pangea, you can hedge the US Dollar against 30 of the most liquid currencies in the world.
Virtually Immediate Implementation. Speedy and efficient implementation will get a motivated team onboarded and live within two weeks.

End-to-End FX Management Software Powered by Ai - All-in-One Platform

Pangea Prime™ is a vertically integrated FX management solution powered by Ai. Store, send, receive, and hedge foreign currency all from one easy-to-use platform.

Move Money in Any Currency for Use Anywhere in the World

With our FX Virtual Wallets, you can manage all of your company’s global financial operations in one place. Leverage our smart spot-execution Ai to minimize bid-ask spreads and automatically move money at the most cost-effective time of the day.

Pay Virtually Anyone Anywhere in Any Currency

Pay virtually anyone anywhere in any currency. Send and receive over 40+ currencies to 200+ countries in the world, and save up to 80% on overall FX costs when you move and hedge money through our platform.

Strategically Steward Donation Dollars. Manage Currency Risk at Scale Using Ai

With Pangea, your nonprofit can use our Ai-powered risk-management strategies out of the box, or place a fully customized hedge, to fight against FX Volatility. Hedges are automatically executed and settled, and your company can be up and running in 1-2 weeks.

The Most Cost-Effective and Smartest Way to Move Money Internationally and Hedge Against FX Rate Volatility

With Pangea, a team of one, ten, or 100+ can manage your company’s Global FX operations from a simple dashboard and the power of Ai.

We understand how challenging hedging is. And we know how frustrating it is to be at the mercy of an unpredictable global market

We knew that with the power of tech and Ai, we could develop a better solution. And so we did. Welcome to Pangea
Deep industry expertise with over 30 years in the financial industry
World class technology that's not at risk for human error
Regulated by the Commodities Futures Trading Commission and the NFA
A Dedicated Client Trading Advisor will guide them through the process
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Predictable, Simplified FX Management Powered by Ai

Intelligent Ai monitors currency markets 24 hours a day  and uses decades of data to analyze how currencies may impact your P&L.
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UAE Dirham
Australian Dollar
Brazilian Real
Canadian Dollar
Swiss Franc
Chinese Yuan (Renminbi)
Czech Republic Koruna
Danish Krone
European Euro
Great British Pound
Hong Kong Dollar
Hungarian Forint
Indonesian Rupiah
Israeli New Shekel
Indian Rupee
Japanese Yen
Kenyan Shilling
South Korean Won
Mexican Peso
Malaysian Ringgit
Norwegian Krone
New Zealand Dollar
Philippine Peso
Poland Zloty
Saudi Riyal
Swedish Krona
Singapore Dollar
Thai Baht
Turkish Lira
Taiwan Dollar
US Dollar
South African Rand

Currencies We Hedge

With Pangea, you can hedge the US Dollar against over 30 of the most liquid currencies in the world.


The number of countries you can send money to through Pangea's platform.

8 Hours

Hours you will sleep each night knowing Pangea is working for you.

5 Minutes

Average time it takes to place a hedge from risk analysis to execution.

30 Seconds

Average time it takes to move money between wallets or make a payment.

Usually, implementing a hedging strategy is COMPLICATED

But with Pangea, it's simple and can take less than two weeks. Don't risk nonprofit failure or your sanity.
Let Pangea's custom-tailored, Ai-based solution seamlessly manage all of your nonprofit's FX risk.

Analyze your risk exposure

We’ll conduct a thorough analysis of your FX exposure so you know exactly where you stand.

Develop a custom hedging strategy

Develop a hedging strategy that will minimize your risk and optimize your upside.

Let Pangea's platform start hedging for you

Our automated platform does all the heavy lifting to execute on your strategy, saving you time and stress.

The existing hedging options simply aren't built for nonprofits.

Let Pangea simplify your hedging strategy and give your nonprofit the stability you need to succeed.
Hedging FX risk yourself requires extensive knowledge and expertise that nonprofit teams commonly lack
Consulting firms take up to 18 months to implement
Big banks struggle to act as fast as the market changes and charge huge fees
Other firms rely on humans who are subject to human error

Pangea can help reduce your nonprofit's FX risk
(without all the headache)

Maximize Impact, Minimize Risk

Our Ai helps your nonprofit to optimize cross-border transactions allowing your donations to go further. Our intuitive platform gives you visibility into the true risk you face.

Lock in international salaries and program expenses

Ensure global employees are paid a consistent salary in their local currency while the protecting the employer's payroll from fluctuations, and ensure program expenses don't end up costing more due to foreign currency volatility.

Get ongoing guidance from our team of experts

Your FX risk will change as you grow. Our Client Hedging Advisors (CHAs) will work with you to ensure your strategy scales as you do.

Our pricing model is simple.
No setup fee, no monthly fee, no hidden fees.

Only pay for what you use
No Setup Fees
No Monthly Maintenance Fees
No Annual Subscription
No Hidden Fees
See Our Pricing

Managing FX risk is complex and stressful. But it doesn’t have to be.

With the power of Pangea you’ll get predictable revenue, protect your margins, and increase your ability to compete in the global market. Deploy tech that grows alongside your nonprofit.