Committed to building a worldwide economy that is unified, equitable and resilient

A borderless economy can lead to a better future for all people, everywhere. We aim to create that by eliminating currency risk for companies of all sizes.
Meet the ones committed to seeing your business succeed.
Aeron Sullivan
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Robert Sentinella, Ph.D.
Chief Risk Officer & Co-Founder
Carlos Arnero
Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder
Jay Chow
Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder
Roman Randall
Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder
Gabe Smith
Director of Leadership
Nicole Unice
Chief People Officer
Joel Worrall
Founding Advisor
Peter Ahlin
Founding Advisor

Meet the rest of our team.

Mike Maguire
VP of Client Services
Tony Chedrawee
Revenue Operations Manager
Brian Divine
VP of Sales - Nonprofits
Justin Kirkby
Quantitative Research Consultant
Ghais Issa
Quantitative Research Consultant
Nate Rupprecht
Quantitative Research Consultant
Victor Andrean
AI Scientist
Saad Shahid
Infrastructure Architect
Will Johnson
Technical Project Manager
Ikhwan Iqbal
Danny Danciu
Director of People Care
Andrew Imamura
Senior Designer
Bill Henner
Director of Market Research
Becca Bestwick
Digital Marketing Manager
Caleb Wait
Marketing Coordinator & Production Manager
Ben Elmore
Brad Simmons
Ranjy Thomas
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We honor the inherent worth of all people. We lean into relationships, and treat everyone with generous hospitality.


We serve people with diligence and determination. We lean into relationships, and treat everyone with generous hospitality.


We think long-term and are also ruthlessly pragmatic. We invest in scalability, and solve complex problems using first-principles.


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We pursue our purpose with passion and enthusiasm; are opportunity-oriented, and communicate with radical candor.

Pangea uses intelligent Ai

Intelligent Ai monitors currency markets 24 hours a day and uses decades of data to analyze how currencies may impact your P&L.

Custom Hedging Strategy

Our automated platform executes your custom hedging strategy, saving you time and stress without adding any new headcount.

Quickly Implement Hedging Strategies

Once you're live, your hedging strategies can be active in minutes as Pangea integrates your financial data with hundreds of market signals.

Fair and Transparent Pricing

Fair and transparent pricing and no hidden fees. You know exactly how much you'll pay before activating a hedge. (Plus relevant related transactions costs.)

We focus on creating a high-powered team that serves our clients with excellence and expertise.