About Pangea.io

Pioneering the Way to a Borderless Economy

Our mission is to forge a unified global economy that is inclusive, equitable, and resilient. We aim to remove the financial barriers that stand between us, unlocking seamless access to the world of opportunities promised by a digitally connected world.
FX Management Platform Pangea Prime

Our Story

Pangea, established in 2021, embarked on a mission to revolutionize global currency infrastructure and try to solve for what we believe is digital age's critical macroeconomic challenge. In other words, we're a bunch of finance enthusiasts who looked at the world of FX, realized it was stuck in the 20th century, and decided it was time for an update.
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What Drives Us

In today's landscape, businesses are inherently global, embedded in a worldwide market from inception. This new epoch of international commerce calls for visionaries committed to the ideal of a seamless financial world. We stand at the forefront, intent on reshaping the very structure of the global economy.
Our Vision

To pioneer the way to a borderless economy.

A vision for a borderless economy aims to shape a worldwide financial system that is more connected, inclusive, and open.
Our Mission

To create the unified global currency network.

This innovation combines the efficiency of an exchange with the adaptability of an over-the-counter (OTC) market, setting a new standard in currency trading.

Our Leadership Team

Aeron Sullivan
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Nicole Unice
Chief Operating Officer
Matt Esteve
Chief Product Officer
Robert Sentinella, Ph.D.
Chief Science Officer & Co-Founder
Jay Chow
Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder
Roman Randall
Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder

What We Value

Values are foundational as they both inspire and underpin vision, mission, strategy and tactics. Values are woven into the very fabric of a company because they anchor actions and decisions in principles and a unified ethic.


We honor the inherent worth of all people; lean into both vulnerability and candor in our relationships, and extend generous hospitality to everyone.


We champion stewardship at scale; prioritize integrity over transparency, and always take responsibility for rectifying our mistakes.


We pioneer the future by innovating at the edge; communicate with clarity and imaginative storytelling, and aim to measure our impact generationally.


We plan strategically and position competitively; make decisions with both long-term and pragmatic thinking, and solve complex problems using first-principles.


We pursue our purpose with passion; face challenges with grit and relentlessly pursue opportunity, and we never give up even when it demands sacrifice.
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Join Our Team

We're a startup that's transforming the way companies do business internationally. If you’re wanting to take bold, transformative action to shape the world, we want to hear from you. Positions open quickly, so we welcome you to showcase your skills with a quick assessment and be first in line to hear about new opportunities.