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FX Risk Management for Global HR Platforms

Protect your clients from global FX risk exposure with Pangea Prime’s Global Payroll solution.


Hiring for a Borderless Economy

There are many positives that accompany the ability to hire talented people from anywhere in the world. But like most things, there are downsides too.

Global HR companies that provide Global Payroll, EOR, and PEO services inevitably expose their clients to global FX risk by delivering cross-border employee salaries in local currency. 

Pangea's FX Risk Management Service for Global HR Platforms Solves This.

Salary Lock

Ensure global employees are paid a consistent salary in their local currency while the protecting the employer's payroll from fluctuations.

Automated via API

Global HR firms like international EOR services can easily roll out Salary Lock with just a few lines of code by taking advantage of our open API.

Acquire and Retain Clients

Eliminating FX risk for Global Payroll, PEO, and EOR platform clients boosts acquisition and helps retain happy customers.

Full-Stack Global HR FX Services

Whether you offer on-demand global talent like UpWork or Turing, provide fully-managed EOR Services, or manage Payroll globally, Pangea Prime can help.


Purpose-Built for FX Risk-Neutral Employment

Transform the way you offer FX risk-neutral employment contracts for any period of time with a simple API. Doing so enables immediate time-to-value, access to a new revenue stream, and the elimination of FX impact on client payrolls and budgets.

Meet the First FX Hedging Platform For Global HR

Currency risk isn’t a problem to be solved, but a potential to be harnessed. Get in touch today to see how your business can take advantage.

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