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Increase Your Nonprofit Impact Globally with Hedging-as-a-Service (HaaS)

Tired of FX volatility disrupting your nonprofit reach? Hedge your FX Risk at scale to increase the effectiveness of your donation dollars so they make the greatest impact to your constituents.

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Nonprofits can now hedge like Apple - out of the box.

Traditionally, hedging programs have only been accessible to large for-profit organizations. What if we told you that you can protect your donations and program expenses from FX exposure?

Pangea Prime leverages AI to empower you to address your FX volatility challenges without incurring costly expenses; allowing your donations to go further to change the world.

Upgrade Your Financial Team to the Next Level by Next Week

Maximize Impact

Our AI helps your nonprofit to optimize cross-border transactions allowing your donations to go further.

Minimize Risk

Reduce operational risk to your international programs with an FX Hedging program that can be implemented in one week.

Multiply Resources

Pangea Prime is like having an internal FX team on your staff. Scale your nonprofit, not your headcount.

FX Risk Solutions for Every Stage of Nonprofit Growth

Whatever stage of growth your nonprofit is in currently, our solutions will work for you today, and grow with you tomorrow.


As Your Nonprofit grows - Pangea scales with you

Whether you’re a startup, growth, or an established nonprofit, our flexible technology can adapt to your needs. Data, automation, and AI allow organizations to be agile from the beginning, but also use scaling to their advantage as they grow.

Our goal is to serve nonprofits to protect your donations from FX risk to expand your global reach and impact. 

Deploy Tech That Grows Alongside Your nonprofit

No matter what stage of growth your nonprofit is in, we have the solutions your organization needs to optimally manage your FX risk.

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