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Manage Currency Risk at Scale with AI

Strategically manage FX Risk for your company or clients at scale with a powerful new platform built for modern treasury and product teams.

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Introducing Hedging-as-a-Service (HaaS)

When you turn on your water, it just works. We desire the same experience in managing your foreign currency exchange rate risk. So we abstracted the complexity out of hedging.

Pangea Prime helps you reduce FX risk with a simple, scalable, and cost-effective solution that can be deployed in days. Reinvent your approach to FX management by leveraging intelligence, automation, and AI.

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FX Hedging Reimagined

Hedging is hard. We get it. That’s why we’ve developed Pangea Prime to be the most intuitive, simple FX Hedging Platform on the market.

Leverage Pangea Prime to minimize cost, multiply resources, and maximize performance — your business deserves it.

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Real-Time Decision Making Make decisions quickly and confidently by understanding how the FX market is affecting your business. Pangea Prime integrates your financial data with hundreds market signals.
Full-Stack FX Management You shouldn’t need to piece together countless products to manage FX risk. Leave the puzzles in the past with one platform covering everything from risk analysis to execution.
Seamless Implementation Pangea Prime is built on modern cloud infrastructure with a developer-first API and quality UX. Our smooth onboarding will have your team excited to switch to Pangea Prime. 

Maximize Your Financial Potential With A Powerful AI

Pangea brings a new level of sophistication to hedging by powering our strategies with the best data available combined with cutting-edge AI.

What really sets us apart is our world-class financial team who built our product from the ground-up with scale and automation in mind.

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Address FX Risk at Scale Today

Discover the first end-to-end hedging solution built on modern cloud infrastructure and powered by AI.

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