What started out as an idea has become a reality, so we want to provide new and current investors a final opportunity to invest into Pangea.




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Pangea Friends & Family Fund 2.0

Why Pangea?

Pangea uses groundbreaking Ai to redefine how companies interact with the largest financial market in the world. This disruptive potential to international currency markets makes the potential of the business a rare opportunity.

Why the Fund?

We believe in offering our family, friends, and extended community an investment opportunity typically reserved for institutional venture capital firms. This is a chance to join a growing list of over 200 other founding investors in this promising journey.

Why Now?

With just $3M financing left in the investment opportunity and substantial commitments from top-tier VCs on the verge of closing, this unique opportunity has a very limited investment window.

Your Journey Begins Here

On this page, you will find what you need to make an informed investment decision (and maybe more)! Feel free to scroll at your leisure or use this table of contents to navigate to the sections most important to you.
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If you would like to learn about Pangea at a fundamental level, check out our Pitch Deck, which is like a Prospectus for Startups. It explains the business case for Pangea and answers questions like, “Who do we serve, what problem do we solve, and is there any competition?”

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Hedging FX Risk

On Pangea Prime, your business gets seamless cash-flow management, sophisticated risk analysis, Ai-powered risk management strategies, automated execution, performance & reporting, and settlement all in one place.
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Global FX Accounts

Store, hedge, and send any currency in the world with smart spot execution, Ai-driven spot strategies, and currency liquidity management (outlooks integrated with Hedging & Payments). Send and receive in local currency to avoid costly fees.
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International Payments and Money Transfers

Simple beneficiary and payment management. Track and trace all international payments from one central place. Smart liquidity sourcing, connecting FX currency accounts and payments, with the ability for netted payments or bulk payments. If you're doing business in the 10 most common, liquid currencies in the world, we've also negotiated lower rates with our liquidity providers. In other words, you won't find better pricing anywhere else.
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Performance & Reporting

Real-time performance dashboards by portfolio, currency, or hedge. Volume and currency analytics on global transfers. Live real-time balances on all global accounts. Position, trade, and transfer history reporting to support reconciliation and accounting functions.
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The Rise of the Globally Native Company

Aeron Sullivan, CEO at Pangea, and Matt Esteve SVP of Risk at Stripe penned an essay on the future of global trade. Learn more about the evolving international financial landscape around us to better understand how Pangea is well-positioned for the coming era.

Current Traction

We've come a long way since January! Our product updates and marketing efforts are paying off

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Revenue Update

As of October 20th, 2023 we are projecting $3.7M in ARR over the next 12 months, and it’s growing every week. This will start to ramp significantly in late Q1 and early Q2 as platform partners start to come online.
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Our sales pipeline is expanding rapidly due to our new digital marketing efforts. The fastest category of growth are high-scale global startups. We have top rankings in key categories on Google and expect to grow Pipeline to over 120 by year end.
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By the end of 2024, Pangea expects to serve over 100 clients directly, and over 1000 end users through other platforms. Subsequently revenue numbers will range from $4M and $14M depending on how quickly platforms scale up.
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Even more exciting than our current sales is something harder to quantify: it’s the interest and excitement from potential partners who are catching the vision for what Pangea can do for their companies, their own clients, and for the positive impact Pangea will make in the global economy.
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Introducing Pangea Nexus

Beyond the Interbank—Pangea is embracing an API-centric infrastructure tailored for the fintech era. We're building tools to seamlessly integrate with today's dynamic financial platforms, offering plug-and-play solutions for global natives that transform competitors into partners.
Key Features:
  • API-Driven Infrastructure: As intuitive and integrable as Stripe, Pangea Nexus's API lets fintech platforms effortlessly tap into our robust FX management tools.
  • Embeddable FX Risk-Neutrality: Offer your users real-time FX risk management, embedded directly within your product, elevating their financial experience.
  • Hedging as a Service: Extend your platform's capabilities by integrating our hedging services, turning potential competition into collaborative synergy.
  • Decentralized & Automated: Forging a unique pathway in FX management, we transcending the limitations of traditional Interbank markets to offer tailored, automated, and decentralized solutions for global natives.
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Vision & Mission

For those familiar with Pangea's journey, you'll recognize our unwavering dedication to our core mission: Eliminating Currency Risk. Since our inception, we have been driven by a vision of a global economy that positively impacts the lives of people everywhere. Our vision and mission are the compass guiding our every move. While our products evolve with the changing financial landscape, our commitment will always be to provide cutting-edge solutions that address challenges and uncertainties from operating across the global currency landscape.
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Leadership & Culture

Check out our team page, and feel free to peruse our LinkedIn page, for some more background on the people that are dreaming up the vision and executing the mission.
Check it Out
Investing in Pangea

How big can this get?

In just a decade, Stripe grew from processing $3M in payments its first year to being valued at $50B. For context, while Stripe reached this valuation in 13 years, it took Goldman Sachs 137 years! Pangea, with its innovative approach to international currency markets, is on the cusp of a similar transformative journey. Pangea is poised to lead the future of global currency, and if you dig into the size of that market, we think we can actually be bigger than Stripe.

What’s the risk?

All investments come with risks. The bigger the potential, the higher the risk. Pangea has already made great strides, anticipating to process $100M this year and over $2B next year. However, there are still known and unknown challenges to face. We urge you to weigh these risks carefully when considering an investment.
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What will my ownership be?
When and how do I see a return?

Simply put, you’ll be investing through a “convertible note.” This is contract that turns into company shares later. When a large institutional investor decides to invest in Pangea, your note will convert into shares. The best part? You get these shares at a discounted rate – either 25% off or at a valuation limit of $25M. This could mean your shares cost significantly less than what the big investors pay.

Our flagship product, Pangea Prime, has adapted to the growing needs of our clients. We’ve molded our product over time to address some key issues in the Foreign Exchange market. If you’d like to get a closer look at Pangea Prime, listen in as our CEO, Aeron Sullivan, walks you through a product demo (see video above). Remember, while these scenarios are our goals and visions for Pangea’s future, the journey of a startup can be unpredictable, and there’s no guaranteed outcome. Always consider the risks and rewards.

Mid Term

Not all exits need an IPO or acquisition. There are private investors or firms interested in buying shares of promising companies like ours in the "secondary market". This offers a chance for early investors like you to sell some or all of your shares, turning them into cash. Our goal is a valuation between $5B to $10B.

Long Term

The ultimate dream for many startups: an Initial Public Offering (IPO). This is when Pangea's shares would be available on the public stock market, allowing for a wider range of investment and providing a clear path for early investors to cash out. Our goal is a valuation between $30B to $100B.

We want to offer this opportunity to as many interested innovators as we can, so we’re offering an equity incentive to any investors who refer a friend. When your friend invests and names you as their referral, you’ll receive a 10% equity bonus for up to $100,000 invested, and a 5% equity bonus for any funds above that $100,000.

Here’s how this would work: as a current investor, you have some friends who might be either a. Drawn to innovation and early adopters of new ideas, or b. Interested in a redemptive company that’s working to create an equitable economic environment that allows both for-profit and non-profit companies to realize savings or advance their work in a way that otherwise wouldn’t be able to. You introduce them to Pangea and send them these materials. They get excited and make a decision to invest. They name you as the person who referred them. After the round completes, you’ll receive an equity bonus in your current investment. If your friend invested $75,000, you would receive $7500 worth of equity within your current Carta account. Questions? Contact danny@pangea.io

How do I invest?

Simple! If you’re ready to join Pangea's journey, fill out the following form. You'll then receive instructions for your wire and an email invite to Carta, our online platform that manages and monitors your investment.

Fill out the docs, wire your investment, and you’re done. Carta provides all the details and step-by-step instructions. It takes new investors less than 30 minutes to get set up, and current investors less than 3 minutes when increasing an investment.

Please note: During your Carta application process, you will self-select as an Accredited Investor or a Qualified Eligible Person. For more information on what this means, please check out “Who can invest?” in our FAQ section below.


Once you complete your form, we’ll send you an email walking you through the next steps in the process as well as inviting you to our equity management system, Carta, which will provide you an interactive platform to monitor and track your investment.  Your investment is complete once we receive a wire transfer that you will initiate from your end into your Carta account. All of those details will be provided to you through the Carta platform.We’ve captured some of the most common questions you might have, but we are here to help. Email danny@pangea.io for any other assistance and he’ll point you in the right direction.

Investment Questions

These are some common questions regarding the mechanics of the investment.
Who can invest?

Qualified Eligible Persons, or Accredited Investors: Investopedia offers a great explanation of “accredited investors” that can [be found here.]. How do I prove I am an accredited investor? You don’t. Accredited investor status is self-declared, and there is no verification or validation process. Typically, people qualify by income, assets, or by possessing “measures of professional knowledge, experience or certifications” in finance or investments. The SEC does not explicitly specify what experience this is. Why Accredited Investors? The Security Exchange Commission posits those with significant assets, incomes, or “professional knowledge” should likely understand the risks inherent in early-stage private investments.

What is the minimum investment size?


What is the maximum investment size?

There is no maximum; however, if you intend to invest over $250,000, we would want to explore your direct investment outside the SPV. At $500,000, we require you to invest outside the SPV directly. If you or a friend are investing $250,000 or more, please contact Danny directly. (danny@pangea.io)

What is an SPV?

Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) are legal entities created for one specific purpose. In venture contexts, SPVs are used to pool money from a group of investors to make a single investment in a startup. That is what we're doing here. The minimum investment size into Pangea is normally $500K. This is strategic as it keeps the number of shareholders smaller, cleaner, and easier to manage. The downside is most can't afford to participate. However, since an SPV looks like one person (corporation), we can achieve both goals: keeping a clean shareholder list and letting friends and family participate. Don't worry; you are as much a shareholder as anyone else. The only difference is you will make decisions (vote) as a group. Under the council of the fund's General Partner, you will vote internally and then submit a unified decision to the company during shareholder votes. This means the majority vote of the group of people who make up the SPV will be the decision of the entire SPV. However, it is worth mentioning that everyone in the SPV is an investor, so your financial interests should typically be aligned.

What is it I am buying? Stock?

More or less, yes. We are using a convertible note instrument, which is typical for this stage. It converts into equity in the future when we raise at least $10M from the next set of investors, which should happen in the next 6-12 months. To protect you, we included:

  • 25% Discount
  • $25 Million Valuation Cap

Watch this 10-minute video for basics around early-stage startup deals.

Are there any fees or costs?

Yes, it does take a small sum of capital to pay for the SPV investment vehicle expenses. However, these fees were initially covered by Pangea and early investors. Looks like sometimes good things do come to those who wait.

How will the fund be administrated?

Colin Sullivan, a licensed Attorney, General Council and VP of Legal at Patreon, a $4B Startup, will serve as the General Partner to the Friends & Family Fund. Colin will manage ongoing legal, tax, and administrative tasks related to the fund, requiring very little of all participants in the fund. When shareholder votes or reinvestment opportunities arise, Colin will facilitate voting amongst the shareholders to submit the vote as a body to the larger shareholder community. In exchange for this work, Colin will receive a 5% carry, or in other words, a 5% performance fee, should the investment work out in everyone's favor. Should the investment not work out, we will thank Colin for his steadfast commitment throughout the company's life cycle.Typically, professional Venture Capital firms require a 2% annual management fee and 20% performance fee.

What investment platform do you use?

We use a company called Carta to distribute and keep track of shares.When you receive your registration email from Carta, it will take about 15 minutes to set up your account and 15 minutes to go through the investment questionnaire. We recommend setting aside at least 30 minutes to finish the entire process. If you have questions about the application, please email Danny at Danny@pangea.io

How long do I have to invest?

It is hard to say. It will close under any of the following 3 scenarios, whichever comes first.

  1. An institutional VC round, which is already in the works and commitments have been made, closes. This could happen in as little as 3 weeks.
  2. The remaining $3M fills up with no remaining room for future investors. Pangea already closed $3M in the first round of Friends and Family
  3. The round will need to close regardless of one or two on December 15th at the latest.
Can I invest later?

This is probably the only round that we can provide friends and family equity before an IPO. However, those who do invest will be given opportunities to reinvest to maintain their ownership % over time. However, later rounds will likely be at prices that won’t be economical for most institutional investors.

If I’m married, does my spouse have to sign off on the investment?

While it’s important to check with your spouse or significant other any time you make an investment decision, please note that if you sign up via Carta as joint investor with your spouse, they will also need to sign up for their own Carta account. During our last investment round, we found was simpler for our investors if they signed up as a single investor rather than joint investors. This helped mitigate the hassle of having to create two accounts. If you do decide to sign up as a joint investor with your spouse, please leave ample time to create a separate Carta account and have your partner countersign.

With all of this traction, why haven’t you signed with a traditional VC?

Simply put, this approach is both good for us as a company and good for our early investors. Our most likely scenario at this stage of progress would be to raise what’s called a “bridge round,” a smaller investment that would move us toward a larger Series A. If we did that now, our valuation would be lower, which would mean every early investors piece of the company would be diluted. If we continue to make the progress we are seeing, we would expect a much higher valuation, which means a better deal both for the company and for you. One caveat: our plan is great success either way, so there’s not really a “bad deal” in this stage. However, there is good strategic reasoning behind this approach if we continue with progress the way we’ve seen in Q3.

Pangea Technologies, Inc. (“Pangea”) is a registered Commodity Trading Advisor with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (“CFTC”) and a Member of the National Futures Association (“NFA”).This material does not constitute an offer to sell or solicitation of an offer to purchase securities or other investments and is purely informational only. All prospective investors must be “accredited investors” as defined in 17 CFR § 230.501.This material is not required to be and has not been filed with the CFTC, NFA or other regulatory authority. This material has been prepared from original sources and data believed to be reliable. However, no representations are made as to the accuracy or completeness thereof. Certain information included herein reflects the opinion of Pangea and is subject to change without further notice.Investment in Pangea is speculative and involves significant risk of loss. There can be no assurance that Pangea will be able to realize its objectives. Investments may not be suitable for all investors. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.